On Daily Writing, and Finding My Voice


It turns out that writing daily posts for another site didn’t leave me with any creative energy to update this one.

But what it did do was teach me a few things.

Outside accountability means I get shit done. Without this, there are days when I just would not have written. I didn’t feel like writing. I didn’t think I had anything to say.

But I had made a commitment to another person to provide daily content. Not wanting to let them down meant that I sat down and wrote, even when I thought I have nothing.

Which leads me on to: starting to write can be the hardest thing to do. But once you start putting words on a page, it gets easier. Some days, when I had no idea what I wanted to say, I just started typing bla bla bla, and the story came to me.

We aren’t all the same, and neither is the way we write. I learnt that daily journal posts don’t sit well with me. I like to have distance between when things happen and when I write about them. It helps me work out what it is I think, and what I want to say.

Chronology isn’t so important to me. I like to group together stories according to theme or lesson, or how they make me feel. Grit, on the other hand, is King of the daily journal post, managing to make things interesting and relevant right off the cuff.

But I never would have worked out this preference if I hadn’t left my comfort zone and tried something new. This brings me to the final lesson. Every opportunity to write is a chance to find your voice. Take every one you get. 

On Daily Writing, and Finding My Voice

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