Things I made in January

I seem to be on a roll with knitting at the moment. Which is weird, because for years I have struggled with anything more complicated than a scarf.

I had a note from Nicole Antoinette (they’re great – I recommend you subscribe) the other week that talked about how we don’t need motivation to take action. In fact, it’s action that leads to momentum that leads to motivation.

That’s what happened with knitting for me. I felt socially obliged to try and knit this tea cosy, because my husband gave it to me and I had let it sit in its box for 9 months. Ungrateful? Not quite. I was convinced it was too complicated for me. But in the end, I gave it a go and it wasn’t that difficult. I was so proud of myself! And that gave me the momentum to try knitting a hat, which I did in an afternoon, and a sweater, which I finished in December.

Which leads me on to January.

Kate wearing the jumper she made.
This happens to be my most liked photograph on Instagram ever.

I made a much better sweater, which is super super warm. (Seriously, it keeps slipping of my shoulder but I still don’t get cold).

Socks! Finally got my shit together with this pattern.
Socks! Finally got my shit together with this pattern.

And I gained enough momentum to try sock knitting again!

I unraveled what I had started last year, which was still only about a centimetre despite being “on the go” for over 12 months. Starting from scratch, I got to that point within about 20 minutes and just kept going! I am now approaching the heel and am feeling pretty excited about learning how to do that. As I mentioned the other week, I’m really enjoying learning the skills it takes to knit clothes.

Things I made in January

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