Living to learn

2015-12-06 19.08.40-2

Knitting a tea cosy, hat, and then a sweater or two has brought me so much joy.

When I dragged him to Hobbycraft to buy more wool last weekend, my husband commented, “You were so adamant that you were a crocheter who couldn’t knit, and now you’re knitting all this stuff.”

Somehow I had forgotten that learning new skills, conquering something I thought I could never do, is one of the core things that makes life worth living for me

I went through a bit of a dark spell a few years ago and learning new crochet patterns was one of the only things that got me out of bed. (It didn’t always, sometimes I stayed in bed to crochet). Once I was out the other side, I got a tattoo of the things that bring me joy. It tells me to “Explore. Learn. Create.” Apparently not even a tattooed reminder is enough for me to remember what makes me happy.

2016-01-14 19.23.25-1

Never mind. Life is all learning and re-learning, trying our best and being patient. I’m excited to rediscover this bit of myself, and am already planning what other new things I can learn to do this year. I’ve even signed up for a free introductory motorbike lesson!

In the meantime, I’m emerging from my winter blues, one knit stitch at a time.

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Living to learn

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